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Reading in Bed



Move over Itty Bitty...this light is my new favorite reading light...


Phorm Voyager Book Light


Folds Flat for Storage and Travel




Read into the Night with this Compact Book Light, January 21, 2005

If you love reading in bed in the dark, then the Light Voyager will impress you with a very adaptable cold cathode fluorescent light. This uses 4 AA batteries or you can order the Light Voyager adaptor: ASIN: B00061OGGC. With all the reading around this house, the batteries don't quite last as long (I read for hours and hours at a time and in two days I need to change batteries) and I find the light dims slightly instead of just dying out. So, if you read a lot, I'd highly recommend the adaptor. Since there is really no light bulb to replace, you don't have to worry about bulbs breaking, overheating or dimming due to the color changing or a film covering the light.

If you attach this to a book with the batteries installed, the weight is heavier than other book lights so an adaptor seems to be the perfect solution. You don't actually have to attach this light to the book because it is very adaptable with a rotating light with a maximum arm rotation of 270 degrees. You can actually set this light anyplace and shine the light directly onto your book. The lamp head itself can rotate 180 degrees. I've set this light on the bed and had the light shine up into a book when using the batteries. If you read with a book in your lap, the weight of the batteries is not an issue.

When you place this light on a book, the light shines across both pages so you get a fully illuminated right page and a slightly less light on the upper left corner on the left page. It seems this light works best in total darkness. You can shift the light position slightly to the right to illuminate the upper left corner. Adjusting the actual lamp head also changes how the light filters over the pages. It took me about a week to figure out all the ways to use this light.

Other uses:

A flashlight in the middle of the night.
Will light an entire room just enough so you can walk around in the near dark.
Reading while traveling

To use this with paperback books, slide the clip over the back cover and 15-20 of the pages. This works very well with hardcover books and when you put the light into a position, it stays there, unlike other lights I've tried. With the Itty Bitty, I had noticed a tendency for the light to nose dive to the page on occasion. The bulbs also had to be replaced quite often because of a silver film that seemed to form on the bulb.

The entire light folds up into a compact item you can toss into your purse or luggage when traveling. So, if you are looking for a lightweight reading light, then use this without the batteries. If you want a light that travels well and can be used with batteries, then this is an excellent choice. I bought this item after reading all the reviews and have been very satisfied with this product.




Cozy Comfort

Alpaca Wool Throw


Cozy Cat Sleeping on Books Carving


Books and Cats, January 7, 2007

If you love books and cats, this is perfect as a paperweight for your desk or looks beautiful anywhere you place it in your home. I have one of the original ones that open up and only have one large book (the top book with the burgundy finish), but have been thinking about buying a second one and the one with two books is even cuter. My box/book has a hinge on the lid with a space to store items and the same cat. The carving is rustic and beautiful and the wood has been polished and then painted to a lovely finish. I like seeing the cat sleeping on the books and every time I see the box it makes me smile. I first found this item up at Snoqualmie Falls in Washington and couldn't leave the store without buying it.

~The Rebecca Review




Reading Lamps

Happy Eyes Reading Lamp


The light everyone will want to use..., January 7, 2007

The Verilux HappyEyes Floor lamp is an especially versatile light with numerous applications. It will brighten your entire desk while typing and is perfect to use while reading on the couch, in your favorite chair or basically anywhere you choose. Even while working on projects like knitting, puzzles or crafts, this light is very helpful. I bought this for my husband for Christmas and keep stealing it while I'm reviewing.

This makes a perfect gift for anyone who loves to read. My husband loves it because it makes maps look especially bright and clear. He says the colors stand out more and I love the way it brings out the text in books. If you don't want to move this from room to room (although it is not too heavy), buy two or one for each desk or one for the office and even the bedroom.

I could use at least three of these around the house because I rarely stay in one room for very long. Some of the ways I've used this lamp is to see when reading, but you can also brighten a room by pointing the lamp at the ceiling. The super flexible arm allows the light to point in any direction. There are also two brightness levels so you can decide on the brightness you prefer. The advantages of this light include:

Reduced Eyestrain
Less Glare - the light has a special glare reducing Parabolic grid that covers
the light bulb
Energy Efficient
Long lasting 27 Watt bulb - Flicker free bright white light that simulates natural daylight.

A free utility tray was included and can be attached and removed very easily. Perfect if you want to leave your reading glasses or a pen and paper by the lamp. I wasn't sure how this style of lamp would fit into my home, but it actually looks good in every room.

~The Rebecca Review


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